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Welcome to the website of Jack Hennessy & Co. (also trading as WindSafety).

We provide a full range of safety engineering and risk management solutions. While we have areas of special focus such as Project Supervisor Design Process, high value utility projects, wind energy, construction and demolition, much of our energy is also concentrated on safety inspections and surveys - for clients or insurers; providing advises on risk identification, reduction and management; accident investigation; and safety management systems auditing and implementation.

We have built a solid reputation over twenty years, based on experience,
technical and legislative knowledge, and attention to detail.

As experts in risk management and safety engineering,
our mission is to protect our clients' physical, financial, human and reputational assets.
The services provided by Jack Hennessy & Co. focus on the identification,
assessment and management of risk associated with those assets.


Give us a call today and let's discuss how we can help you to continue in business
... safely, with your risks managed and your future protected.